WineWise LifeLong Learning (WWLLL)

Since 2011, WineWise has offered numerous courses, master classes, trips and coaching trajectories for professionals and dedicated lovers of wine, spirits and sake.
The focus is mainly on certified courses with international recognition to give participants additional opportunities within the hospitality and beverage industry.

Networking is WineWise’s top priority.

Under the motto “lifelong learning” we offer our graduates, from Level 2 on, the opportunity to regularly update their knowledge on wine, spirits and/or sake. Students also learn from each other and can connect through groups on the WineWise LifeLong Learning platform where they can share their own activities. Masters classes, dinners with famous winegrowers, theme tastings and job offers, all these activities can be found via the platform, which can also be consulted via app on your mobile phone.
Graduates automatically get the information to log in to this WWLLL platform for free.

WineWise Alumni Plus

Through the WineWise LifeLong Learning platform, you can join the WineWise Alumni Plus group. Then you will enjoy extra benefits and discounts on many activities, courses and products.