Sake offers a huge diversity. Apart from many different styles, like sparkling sake, aged sake, red sake etcetera, there are also different categories, regions, terroirs and types of rice. Get inspired and discover the diversity of this beautiful Japanese drink.  Worth discovering!

Who’s it for?

  • Ideal starting point for the sake curious, even if you have never tried sake before!
  • Individuals who work with sake and need to understand the basics of this unique beverage.
  • For those who wish to include a range of sake in their range.

What’s covered?

  • The basic principles of sake production
  • The main types and styles of sake
  • Factors affecting the flavours of sake
  • How to serve sake
  • How to describe sake using the WSET Systematic Approach to tasting (SAT®)

Exam WSET Level 1 in Sake

  • This course ends with a 30-question multiple-choice exam.
  • Those achieving 70% or more will receive the WSET® Level 1 in Sake Certificate and lapel pin.
  • The exam is offered on a 2-monthly basis at the location in Antwerp.

How does the online course work?

  • Based around a four-week, six module online learning programme with educator support available for this time.
  • The modules should be followed in sequential order during this 4-week window.
  • The course material should take about six hours in total to complete, plus revision time.
  • Regular access and participation in the course online activities is essential for success.
  • You can contact the educator any time for the duration of the scheduled course.
  • Each module includes a series of independent activities to help you understand the topics.
  • Tasting:
    • You will be advised to taste a range of sakes during this study.
    • Sake’s are not included in the online course fee.
    • All the required sakes for the course can be found in the Specification.
    • Students can post their tasting notes in the WSET Online classroom for review by the educator.

How does the classroom course work?

  • Based on 2 sessions of 3 hours on-site and delivered by a WSET approved sake educator.
  • Please foresee as many hours of repetition @home.
  • A classroom course is only offered in Antwerp in English.
  • Tasting:
    • You will taste a minimum of 8 sakes during the course to test theory against practice. These are included in the course fee.


  • Online:
    • WSET online accredited educator, at least WSET Level 3 in Sake qualified.
  • Classroom:
    • Piet Vannieuwenhuyse DipWSET – WA
      Besides his passion for the Japanese food culture, Piet followed the WSET Level 3 Sake with great success and received additional training in Japan to become an officially recognised WSET 1 in Sake Educator.
    • We also work together with Simon Hofstra, owner of Taste of Sake. Besides being WSET Sake Educator, he is also Sake Samurai, winner of the Sake Contribution Award and Co-Chairman of the International Wine Challenge. You can contact Simon for WSET Level 3 in Sake.

Your investment

Prices inclusive 21% VAT

  • Online: € 265 (komt niet in aanmerking voor KMOP)
  • Classroom: € 315
  • Re-sit exam: € 125 (registration at least one month before exam date)