Since Corona, “online” courses are an integral part of our offer. Click here for a DEMO of the different WSET online courses.
It is the student’s responsibility to have a reliable internet connection and to download software to open PDFs.
Many assignments and supplements are posted as PDFs.

Why take an online course?

Online courses are structured and interactive learning programmes, but with the freedom of flexible scheduling. There is no need to block specific times in your calendar. Students can log in whenever they want (at least once a week), study the content and summaries of the weekly topics, participate in online activities, practice for the test, post comments and participate in online class discussions.

How does it work exactly?

Students register through WineWise and follow the lessons @home/@work through a digital course platform led by a WSET® instructor. After registration you will receive an email from WSET ® with instructions on how to log into the online classroom. Once on the platform, you will be presented with a course calendar which includes weekly topics, background information to read, activities relevant to each topic, quizzes and tasting exercises.
It is important to work weekly, because each week another topic will be released and you will be able to ask questions to a tutor about that topic only for one week. the student has access to the online course for one year.
Students must purchase their own wine/spirits or order Vinottes.
You can post the results of your activities and tasting assignments on the site. You can exchange responses online with the instructor and with fellow students. This interaction is crucial for success in this course.

Which wines should I taste?

With the online guidance, you receive a list of “key wines” that you can purchase from your wine supplier.
You can also opt to order a selection of sample wines (Vinottes). Each package contains the recommended samples for every qualification (except sparkling wines) and offers an affordable and easy way to taste a wide range of representative styles. You can order these samples at

In what language can I follow the online course?

The online guidance, course materials and exam is always in English. The study materials are delivered as follows:

WSET 1 – PDF which you can directly download.
WSET 2 – e-book study pack for which you will receive two codes before the start of the course. These log-ins are valid for one year.
Optionally, you can purchase a physical book after registration. Available in Dutch, English or French.
WSET 3 – physical study pack in English, sent to you by Bpost.
Optionally, you can purchase an extra book after registration. Available in Dutch or French.

WSET® exam?

One or more mock exams are part of your study, depending on your level of training.
Keep in mind that the exam must be taken in person and in writing at WineWise in Antwerp.
For WSET Level 1 and WSET Level 2, you can request a remote invigilation by paying a surcharge of € 50 and respecting the registration deadline.



We also offer most of our courses in a classroom or blended format. This is clearly indicated in the course overview.
WSET Level 3 will remain classroom-based for the time being.
WSET Level 2 is now offered as a blended course. We see very good results with this type of approach.
The theory is partly offered through the WineWise LifeLong Learning platform and you can study and review at home at the time of your choice. We also provide an APP so you can watch or listen to the recordings on the road.
In addition, depending on your level, you will attend a number of sessions on location. We’ll taste the “key-wines” together and the WineWise trainer will check if you’ve understood the theory well. The complete wine selection is included in the course price.
Immediately after the first lesson, you will receive assignments at all levels that you need to prepare at home.
These preparations are crucial for success in this course.

In which language can I follow the classroom/blended courses?

We offer these courses in Dutch or English. The language of instruction is indicated on the course outline.
At the start of the course, you need to decide in which language you want to do the “exam”. English, Dutch or French.
Important! This choice will also determine the language of your study material.
Ambitious candidates who want to progress to the WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines should take the WSET Level 3 exam in English.

WSET® exams?

All exams are held at one central location in Antwerp. At registration you are assigned an exam date, but you have a once-only chance to move the exam to another date. An overview of the dates within your academic year can be found here.
For all exams the registration deadline is 1 month. Once this date has passed, you cannot change your date anymore. If you do not show up, you will have to pay again. In case of illness, only a valid doctor’s note will be accepted to reschedule your exam free of charge.
Important! WSET Diploma in Wines has its own exam planning.



WineWise strongly believes in in-company training and is therefore our core business. Our trainings, with your own range of products, motivate your employees and give them more self-confidence in the workplace. Whether it’s a small team or a large group, together we look at the training needs of your team and ensure that your sales grow and your margins improve.

  • Wine merchants and catering companies that want to be successful in an ever-evolving wine world need a solid permanent training platform. Ranging from certified training courses (WSET qualifications) to WineWise LifeLong Learning sessions.
  • Companies of all kinds also need a minimum of wine knowledge among their managers, executives and sales team. It has been proven that a solid basic knowledge of wine concepts leads to better sales and entrepreneurship.
  • Private wine lovers can also appeal to WineWise for a pleasant initiation or a solid basic course. Bring a group of at least 10 people together and we’ll come @home, or book our WineWise location in Antwerp.