Pedro Ballesteros MW

Master of Wine - DipWSET - WSET Level 4 graduate

Pedro Ballesteros Torres MW holds a degree in agricultural engineering and a master’s degree in viticulture and oenology. He obtained the WSET diploma with distinction, and in 2010 he became a Master of Wine.

Can you give a snapshot of your current professional life?

I write, advice, teach and give presentations, on a variety of topics.

Would you tell us a bit about your background and what sparked your interest in wine ?

I am Agronomical Engineer. I got interested first in winemaking, then in viticulture, then on tasting. I now focus on strategic issues and advise various organisations on environment and energy.

How did your WSET education help you with your career?

It was an interesting programme, I could learn on a systematic way on many countries. It was a good supplement to other areas of my education: winemaking, viticulture, business and politics.

What challenges did you face during your studies at WineWise?

In general I did not feel challenged, but fortunate. I enjoyed !

Which wine book(s) would you recommend?

There are far too many good wine books to recommend here. It depends on the specific subject.

Are you specialized in a certain topic/region/other,… ?

Spain is obviously my perceived speciality, but I am happy to be Italian Wine Ambassador, VDP Ambassador, Prud’homme å St Emilion….
My favourite topics are related to the impact of wine in business and society.

Did Covid-19 change your wine habits?

I did not drink for 3 months. I prefer to drink wine in good occasions and good company.

What was the last wine you drank?

A riesling from Oregon, well made but not particularly exciting

Is there a particular challenge the wine industry is facing that concerns you?

Many. Climate change, trade wars, depopulation and migrations, territorial developments, wine governance, preserving genetic heritage, irrigation, use of pesticides…

What makes a wine great?

The drinker

What was your most impressive wine trip and why?

I think that one of the things that differentiate a winelover from a consumer is their strong reluctance to have a single “most”. Wine is all about diversity, perpetual change, complexity,…

Which wine region to visit is on top of your bucket list?

Same reply than above. But on my to-do list Margaret River, Liban, Oregon and Açores are quite prominent.

Which fellow WSET graduate do you think we should interview and why?

I cannot think of anybody who should not be interviewed.

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