I want to take a WSET course at WineWise. How do I get started?

  • The first question to ask is whether you want to take a WSET wine spirit or sake course.
  • Then you determine at which level you can start. Do you already have a solid prior knowledge of the subject? Then you can directly join WSET Level 2. For sake we only offer WSET Level 1. Have you “successfully completed a long-term certified wine training (Sommelier Conseil, Vinologist, etc.)? Then you can start directly at WSET Level 3. Please mention this in the comments box when registering.
  • Then you decide whether you want to follow the course “ONLINE” or “CLASSICAL“. A “BLENDED” training is a combination of classroom tasting sessions and virtual recordings for the theory, which you can follow @home or @work and where you determine the time that you study.
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