Sunday 20/11/22
Austrian wine, a variety of wine styles!

Many top Belgian sommeliers work with Austrian wines daily because they are available in all wine styles and also pair well with numerous gourmet dishes. Charlotte Crul, sommelier of Cuines 33 is in charge of pairings with the dishes created by the chefs. Charlotte’s style can best be described as eclectic but with the necessary attention to timeless quality.

On the open table are more than 20 different DAC wines. The ideal time to get a good idea of what Austria has to offer as a wine country. Handy tool:

Monday 21/11/22
Sherry in all its glory!

Jerez, or Sherry has long since ceased to be a drink (exclusively) for our grandparents. This fortified wine style from southern Spain comes in different styles from dry to very sweet. Together, we will look at which appetisers from North Sea Chefs and Gaul&Millau go best with the Sherry wines. Have you ever thought of sherry vinegar to add a refreshing touch to your dish or a cocktail?

We have the honour of hosting Mr César Saldana as a speaker. He will give the Sherry masterclass “The secrets of Jerez wines” and also announce the finalists for the Belgian selection of the COPA JEREZ 2022.

Before this masterclass, you can also enjoy 3 sherry cocktails created by Bartender Andres Claeys (Tapabar – Antwerp).

Those who wish can end the masterclass with some caviar styles from Royal Belgian Caviar, in harmony with the suggested sherry wines.

If you already want to immerse yourself in the subject, follow the English-language course of the Sherry Academy.

Tuesday 22/11/22
Australia – chardonnay and “old Vines” from down-under!


Chardonnay is the most planted white variety in Australia, vinified into all manner of styles and expressions, showcasing the distinctions of each region in which it thrives and the artistic influence of the winemaker.

“Old Vines”:
Australia’s rich winemaking and viticultural history dates back to the early 19th century, and the country boasts some of the oldest grapevines in the world, grown in some of the oldest geology and most complex terroirs in the world. In fact, some of the country’s treasured grapevines are more than 150 years old. Come discover them during these master classes in harmony with dishes by top chefs.

Wednesday 23/11/22

Sommelier Tom Haes discusses a vertical line-up of the cuvée Braide Alte from the Livon wine estate in Friuli. A blend of classic grape varieties (chardonnay & sauvignon blanc) and autochthonous Italian varieties (Picolit and Moscato giallo).

Alto Adige

Alto adige wines mature in the midst of a spectacular mountain landscape. The wine cultivation stretches from the terraced slopes at the foot of the Alpine peaks to vineyards in a mediterranean like landscape. The multifaceted land makes the ideal growing conditions possible for a multitude of grape varieties. With the cultivation and vinification of their wines, winegrowers draw equally upon individual experience over generations, cultivation that is close to nature and sustainable, and continuous innovation. The tasting is given by Piet Vannieuwenhuyse from WineWise.

AOP Duché D’Uzès X Truffle

The Rhône region is a prime area for tasting and discovering winter delicacies. This exceptional master class will focus on both the sensory experience and the gastronomic potential of AOP Duché D’Uzès. In doing so, we will discover harmonious food & wine pairings with “le diamant noir”, the truffle from the Rhône region. Six different wines highlight the appellation’s diversity and potential.
Come experiment with us in the Chef’s Place! An absolute value for the start of the winter season in your catering establishment!